Review Policy

I’ve been meaning to write one of these for about 18 months, but finally I am here.

This is a policy plucked out of the air and so is not terribly rigid, but my main criteria for considering a book is that I have to have a physical copy. Ebooks don’t do it for me, and frankly I have enough trouble keeping my reading list under control without adding the temptation off adding ones that don’t take up any physical space.

I read widely, though I have definitely leanings towards speculative fiction, but if it’s fiction I’ll consider it. I’m an inveterate book acquirer and love the ideas behind many more books than I could ever read in this lifetime. As a result it may take me a while to get to your book, especially if you send it without asking first. I have difficulties in saying no to interesting sounding books. This is 1 part greed and 4 parts wanting to read every moment of every day (which clearly I can’t do).

I read adult and YA fiction. I have three boys, who have little choice but to like books too. I’m always looking for stuff for them to read or to read to them.

If I like your book, I’ll post my review on Amazon where I seem to have taken up permanent residence at around 330 in the reviewer rankings. If I don’t like it, and you sent me a free copy for review, I’ll just post my review here. It’s a tough enough world selling your book without out some opinionated wazzock befouling your review rating. If I spent money on your book, then I’m afraid I’ll post wherever I want.

I’m not really sure that constitutes a review policy. The bottom line is, ask and I’ll consider it. If I promise you something I’ll do it, otherwise whether your book gets read is subject to the whimsy of the book choice fairy.

7 thoughts on “Review Policy

    1. Good question!
      If your book has a physical existence then I’d at least be prepared to consider reading it. But I have a huge backlog so it really has to capture my imagination for me to want to add it to the pile.

  1. Hello,
    I just came across your website and it occurs to me that you might enjoy my odd little book, Down Solo. May I send a copy? It’s short. If you’re entertained, a few lines would be appreciated.
    A brief description is here:
    A review copy is available at (If not in US, please select e-format.)
    Earl Javorsky

    “Don’t miss Earl Javorsky’s Down Solo. Kick-ass excellent writing. This guy is the real deal”
    Dan Fante, author of Point Doom
    “Another awesome mystery. Check it out.”
    James Frey, author of Bright Shiny Morning

  2. Hi Robin,
    Apologies if this has been addressed elsewhere in your blog (couldn’t find it). If a writer would like to contact you about a book to review – or just send you free books! – where should they send them or how should they make contact?

  3. I’ve recently published a steampunk adventure book and am looking for honest reviews in exchange for a free copy.

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