Blog Tour: ‘All Their Minds in Tandem’ by David Sanger

Hello! Today is my turn for the All Their Minds in Tandem blog tour. My contribution is a short review of this unusual and thought provoking book.

All Their Minds in TandemMemory. Loss. Redemption. Three words that govern David Sanger’s debut novel, All Their Minds in Tandem. The book is a peculiar blend of western and supernatural thriller. A pairing you might think ought not to work, and to be honest, it probably shouldn’t, yet Sanger makes it so.

I struggled a little at first. It reminded me of novels of similar setting and ambition, Son by Philipp Meyer and The Sisters Brothers by Patrick DeWitt. Both of these books were highly feted by critics, but didn’t particularly win me over. They had much to admire, but didn’t convince me as a storytelling whole.

All Their Minds in Tandem however held my attention, right up to its gripping finale.  It has an interesting setting; a lawless frontier town, not long after the American Civil War. More appealing though is the theme of memory that runs through the novel’s. It dovetails perfectly with another of my recent reads, The Buried Giant by Kazuo Ishiguro.

Both books examine the nature of memory and to what extent it encapsulates our humanity. Without our memories, what are we? To have no memory is considered a curse, but would humankind be better off, if it couldn’t recall the slights done to it?

The book centres around Emerson, a travelling something; A ‘storyteller’ by his own description. Emerson claims to be able to give you new memories, for a fee of course. His arrival in New Georgetown barely makes a splash, yet the effects of his arrival ripple through the small town like a tsunami.

There’s the peculiar doctor to whom he is administering his special treatment, and the three sisters who own the house in which he rents a room. Each of them see Emerson as something different. There’s the young lad who loves to play the piano, and his sister, a barmaid. Finally, there’s the mysterious ‘Bird’ who entertains drinkers in the bar with wondrous music, yet nobody has ever seen the person behind the voice. Emerson’s arrival will effect each of them in different ways, but is he a truth-teller or a charlatan, a blessing or a curse?

They all have memories, they all have secrets. Does Emerson know them? Can he take them? Did he put them there in the first place? And why is he uncannily familiar? Such is the peculiar sense of dread that pervades the novel and Emerson’s quiet residence in the town, it starts to feel like it was written by Stephen King.

The creeping edge of menace is what give All Their Minds in Tandem its extra dimension. From about half-way through the book a sense of something ‘other’ starts to pervade and it kept me reading.

The front we show the world are stories we project. Stories that show the world the way we want to be seen. We might each have several stories for different aspects of our lives, but almost nobody but us alone, knows the entire truth. With Emerson and his ability to rewrite personal narratives, David Sanger examines this premise and weaves it into a spellbinding story of memory, loss and above all, redemption.

Buy the book on Amazon here.

I was sent a copy of the book buy the publisher in order to take part in the All Their Minds In Tandem blog tour. 


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