Future planning: 2015, resolutions and what not.


It’s 2015. Set geek levels to 11

Let me start by wishing you a happy 2015. It’s that time for New Year’s resolutions, one of the few times I take stock of what I’m doing and try to think about what I might like to do. You’re reading this now as a result of resolutions past.

To welcome 2008 I decided to start reviewing on Amazon and in 2012 I thought I’d join Twitter, where I discovered lots of lovely people talking and writing about books. And so this blog was born. To be honest until now it has been little more than just a cross posting of my Amazon reviews, but this year, I’d like to change that.

First I need to do something about the name and the URL, I set them up knowing almost nothing about what I was doing, so they’re a bit pants. I’ve been meaning to change everything to ‘Robins Books’ for ages maybe this year I’ll get around to it.

I also want to extend the scope of the blog. I’d like to include more children’s fiction. I have three boys who love books (they have little choice in this!) and I have shared lots of great books with them over the years, and I’d like to bring our favourites to the attention of as many people as possible.

Next I’d to cover some of the geekier aspects of my life. I started following Geek Dad during 2014 and found myself dipping in and out almost compulsively. So much so, I even applied to write for them during their recent request for fresh contributors. Regardless of how this goes, game-playing and science stuff are a regular feature of life in the Brooks household and I’d like share that too. Over the festive period we’ve discovered some great family games, made by small independent game makers. I’d like to highlight them, even if only in a small way.

I’d like to read more in 2015. So many great looking books fall by the wayside and I feel my reading narrowed in 2014. I also want to spend more time reading other people’s blogs and interact more on Twitter. Lots of great stuff rushes by me, and if I read it, I rarely have time to comment. Sometimes I feel like a twitcher in the bushes, looking in at the brilliant lighted living rooms of some excellent literary bloggers.

Writing some of my own original fiction has been a half-hearted dream for over ten years. I have no idea whether I’m any good at it, but unless I try to put something down on paper I’ll never know. There are some ideas burning their way out of my brain and I hope this year is the one where I can give them some shape.

Of course I’m going to have to find time for all this stuff. My youngest son will start pre-school for a whopping five hours a week, but this is hardly going to change my life. I also want to eat less, move more and (incongruously) watch more film and TV. I’ve still not watched a single episode of Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones and frankly that just seems wrong. I also want to learn how to solve the Rubix cube.

There isn’t going to be a great deal of time to do these things, after all I have a wife and would like to keep her. One thing that will have to be cut down is editing time. Despite the number of heinous mutilations of the English language that appear on the blog (mainly due to my random comma insertion syndrome), I spend a large amount of time reading and rereading my posts, before publishing them. This may have to change, so I apologise in advance.

I do hope you’ll keep following, reading and hopefully commenting. I hope I can lead you to some books (and games) you otherwise may never have discovered. I have no idea how many of my resolutions I’ll manage to keep, but I’ve managed to publish this post, which I guessed I probably wouldn’t. It’s a start.


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