Dead Girl Walking – Cemetery Girl by Charlaine Harris and Christopher Golden

cemetery girlIf such a thing exists, Cemetery Girl could be termed an entry level graphic novel. There’s a story and there’s pictures. The story is well told and the artwork fits it well. There are hints of paranormal, a bit of black magic and a murder or two, but there is nothing excessive or gratuitous in the book. Teenagers I suspect would lap it up, but it may not be sophisticated enough to hold their attention for a long series run. With series like Fables and Unwritten out there, it’s hard to imagine anybody staying too excited by Cemetery Girl for all that long.

The artwork and setting reminded me Locke and Key, but Joe Hill’s series is artistically on a much higher level. There’s nothing as conceptually brilliant as the keys, nor are the drawings anything like the same quality though this isn’t necessarily a criticism; L&K’s Gabriel Rodriguez is probably the finest graphic novel artist out there. The drawings in Cemetery Girl are in no way bad, but neither are they exceptional.

Which all makes the book rather difficult to rate. The tale is compelling. A story of bringing a sociopath to justice for a senseless crime. The paranormal aspects stack up well and I wanted to know what happened. If you’d never read a graphic novel before,I think you’d think this was very fine and seek out more. Once you’d read a few different series, you might struggle to remember exactly why you liked this one so much…

Many Thanks to Andrew at Jo Fletcher Books for sending me a copy of this book to review. 


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