Lost and Found by Tom Winter – Paperback Release

lost and foundIn January, I picked up a small unassuming proof sent to me by those lovely people at Corsair Books. I had no expectations about it whatsoever but found it to be a delight from start to finish. Lost and Found by Tom Winter is the very definition of bitter-sweet. It lays bare the futility of human existence, but manages to remain funny and life-affirming.

With summer now in full-swing the newly-released paperback edition of the book would make an excellent holiday read. If you’re not off on your hols it will make a damn fine read wherever you are. For my full review click here.

Corsair have invited me to put an extract of the book here on Quicksilver Reads (Robins Books, whatever!). To be honest the whole book is quotable gold, but I have chosen something from early on in the book. Chapter 2, with its immortal line about Croydon, made me realise that Lost and Found was something special. And indeed it is. A book that delivers on every level.



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