My New Blog

Nobody could ever accuse me of being an earlier adopter, so here, at least five years after everybody else, is my blog.  I’ve been reviewing books on Amazon since 2008, and enjoying it immensely.  It’s great to recommend a book you love, or slate one you hate.  There’s also something rather satisfying about getting those ‘helpful’ votes, knowing that somebody has been inspired to read (or not to read) a book after consulting your review.  Recently I have become addicted to Twitter (again arriving late at the party).  What I have enjoyed most about Twitter, is discovering many like minded people, who have created and maintained wonderful blogs about stuff I’m interested in.  Inspired, I have decided to attempt the same.

Now, the way this usually works, is that I’ll beaver away at it for a few weeks, post five comments then find something else to do (like having a third son).  Only time will tell I managed to remain interested in this blog, but it probably rests on how long I’m talking to myself for.  The plan is to review the books I’ve read, but occasionally I might post pieces of my own writing.  I harbour dreams of one day being published, but can normally find many ways of avoiding ever putting pen to paper (such as reviewing books or starting a blog).  I am also a stay at home dad, with two boys, and another on the way, so there may be the odd observation on how my sanity is slowly trickling away through my ears.

So enough of this, let’s get started – Err now what do I do?


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